Being scared to death of life insurance is perfectly normal…

…even if it doesn’t make any sense.

Rarely do people wake up in the morning and say “I am going to buy some life insurance today.” This is understandable given that the accompanying thoughts are unpleasant to think about, the myriad of products available and the widespread perception people have of insurance advisors.

But what if you could work with someone who truly had your best interests at heart, who had a background in Investment Banking – which provides unique insight into product selection / plan design – and worked with you, your family and advisors in a low pressure and creative environment?

The testimonials on this website prove this is possible.

When I work with clients on implementing solutions that solve very large problems, they are usually apprehensive about many facets of the discussion. This is normal given the uniqueness of the products, which:

  • are unlike any other investment products
  • have a unique tax treatment
  • grow safe capital which can never go down in value once dividends are paid
  • have multiple uses later on in life.

“You mean I pay this little bit now, I get back that much capital later on – that I can use – and then my family gets this much when I’m gone?! Why hasn’t anyone told me about this before!”

These kind of comments occur frequently.

Once the plans have been implemented, it is incredible to see the peace-of-mind they provide. I often receive comments from clients thanking me for the ideas and for initiating the implementation of these plans, given the profound effect they have on themselves – but more importantly, on their families who depend on them.