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Some things are inevitable. The consequences are not.

Some of the most successful people I have met have “plans”. They have plans for their business. They have plans for their family (i.e. education, life experiences, sports, etc.) and for their, and their families, financial futures so that no matter what happens in life they know that a particular problem has been solved. This Read More

Being scared to death of life insurance is perfectly normal…

…even if it doesn’t make any sense. Rarely do people wake up in the morning and say “I am going to buy some life insurance today.” This is understandable given that the accompanying thoughts are unpleasant to think about, the myriad of products available and the widespread perception people have of insurance advisors. But what Read More

Life insurance is the world’s most misunderstood product

If life insurance was called anything other than “life insurance,” business owners and families would line up to buy it. They wouldn’t need me. However, the mere mention of these two words together causes an automatic shutdown with most people – that is, until they truly understand it. Then, their responses range from “this is Read More