Success and family, while very rewarding, brings challenging financial problems. Would you like to solve them now or leave a financial train wreck?

You have worked hard and have been financially successful by any definition. You have family and either have, or are likely to have, grandchildren. Life is good! The time is now to start thinking about you and your family’s future as there will come a time when significant problems will appear.

What problems you ask? Typically, these relate to:

– Making sure your family has access to cash at all times so assets do not have to be sold,
– Funding tax liabilities so you don’t have to use your own hard earned cash to keep your net worth intact,
– Estate equalization and especially if certain children are going to own 100% of certain assets (i.e. businesses, real estate investments, vacation property, cottages, homes, etc.)
– Capital preservation and mitigating exposure to the markets,
– Funding retirement and health care expenses – how much is going to be left for the next generation?,
– Guaranteeing a legacy when you are gone which increases your ability to spend more while you are alive,
– Philanthropic initiatives / charitable giving plans,

What solves all of these problems is guaranteed tax-free cash liquidity. While there are many ways to obtain cash liquidity (sell assets, leverage assets, etc.) there is only one that allows you to determine the amounts required, is guaranteed, tax-free, does not have to be repaid and you can buy these dollars with pennies.

The choice is yours – either you can leave a financial train wreck behind or you can solve it now and on a virtually “zero cost” basis over a very short period of time which then turns into a profit center for you.