Testimonials – Business Owners

Prepare to say “This is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

The Counterpoint Manifesto

An epiphany now is always better than an epiphany later.

The Counterpoint Manifesto

Insurance is for the living.

The Counterpoint Manifesto


“James is easy to talk to and stays engaged to answer questions promptly and with multiple scenarios and solutions. He has helped me create a clear game plan to ensure my family’s wealth is preserved and will grow to meet the our needs now and in the future. James has a long-term view for both me as a client and for his business. It has been a great start to what will be a rewarding relationship.”  

 McDonald’s Franchisee

“I knew I made the right choice partnering with James and Counterpoint Financial from our first meeting. James’ diversified and honest approach in looking after my financial well-being has given me the confidence to know that I (and my family) am being looked after, not only now but more importantly in the years ahead. James bring to every meeting a purposeful agenda and along with consistent follow-up has completely exceeded my expectations.”

Owner, Macgregors Meat & Seafood Ltd.

“Working with people I trust, who are highly knowledgeable in their area of expertise and who understand my business are very important to me. Through unique ideas James has changed the way I think about insurance and is a trusted advisor.”

Managing Director & Founder‎, Toronto Based Merchant Bank.

“Working with James has been an enlightening experience as he has broken the stereotype of the insurance industry. As a former Investment Banker he understands my business, the capital markets and recommended ideas that not only allow me to create significant amounts of safe capital tax efficiently but have protected the people I care most about forever. I would recommend any capital market professional speak to him as he has ideas that you have likely not heard of which are incredibly powerful from a wealth creation perspective.”

Founder, Delano Capital Corp

“As an experienced investment banker and financial advisor James brings a unique blend of product knowledge, tax advice, and investment options to his consultative and solution driven approach.  By understanding the “big picture” the strategies that James has put in place protects my family and my business while providing a base to long-term wealth creation.”

CEO / Founder, Strategis Capital Management

“After putting in place personal life insurance with James, he provided my family with valuable information on how to plan for succession of the family company from my parents to my brother and myself. We always had something in place to fund the tax liability, however with James’ product, we can grow our company’s borrowing power and cash in our company now and in the future.”

Vice President Finance, Central Welding & Iron Works

“James helped me to overcome insurance stereotypes and to solve personal and corporate problems in a confidential manner. The result is a diversification of investments I had not previously thought possible. I plan to use his service again in the future when the need arises.”

Business Owner, Construction Industry

“After working with James, I realized the limited abilities of previous advisors in terms of product understanding, tax planning and retirement funding strategies. James has been instrumental in creating and preserving significant wealth providing me peace-of-mind and especially when the equity markets plummet like they did in 2008. I would recommend anyone looking to increase their wealth to speak to James.”

Owner, Tim Hortons Franchisee