James Biggar

James Biggar, Founder Counterpoint Financial.com

You likely have problems you don’t know you have.

The Counterpoint Manifesto

Prepare to say “This is the best thing I’ve ever done”.

The Counterpoint Manifesto

James Biggar,
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We give our clients solutions that will help them achieve their financial goals now, and especially their family’s later.

Counterpoint Financial is led by James Biggar, a former Investment Banker with Merrill Lynch and Citigroup. In a career spanning Toronto, New York and London, England, he has been involved in billions of dollars in transactions.

James deeply understands the capital markets and the pros and cons of investments of any size. Thus he understands the value of safe capital and diversification – because he has witnessed the constructive power of compound interest, and the destructive power of volatility.

All of which positions him ideally to fulfill his raison d’etre at Counterpoint: to protect clients and their families from the serious consequences of problems they don’t know they have.